Do you want Freedom?

Do you want freedom from the things that hold you back and drag you down?
Do you wish to be empowered and in better control of your emotions and your life?

As a coach and experienced therapist, I can help you to recognise unwanted triggers, overcome negative drivers and correct unhelpful behaviour. I will work with you to achieve your desired outcome because you are more resourceful and amazing than you realise.

Coaching is something that I am passionate about and often we don’t know how resourceful and accomplished we are until we find the right coach, more information is available on the coaching tab of my website, if you are not sure if coaching is for you, pick up the phone, I would be delighted to talk you through it.

The therapies I have to offer are Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, TFT, EMDR and Ego State Therapy, you can find out more about them on the services section of this website, I am happy to provide a more detailed explanation so please get in touch.

Coaching and therapy really can take you from darkness into the light, like the image of the lunar eclipse on this welcome page. I have had many light bulb moments myself and appreciate the difference they have made to my outlook and attitude.

Clients often ask about the length of time it will take to alleviate their problem, I always tell them that there are no guarantees and it is impossible to know. I do however aim for a fast and effective resolution to your problems by using a combination of powerful techniques that I have practised over a period of time and my intent is to see you as few times as possible.  My promise is that I will not treat you one more time than is necessary.

Because I am both a therapist and coach I will be able to advise which the best option is for you, sometimes people come to therapy because they are not fulfilled believing they have a problem and in actual fact it is coaching they need. Therapy fixes and solves issues, coaching releases you from situations when you get stuck, helps you set your goals and moves you on to achieve what you want.

I provide a safe and open environment for you to discuss whatever problems you have in total confidence. I will work with you to help you to resolve your issues and achieve your goals.

For therapy I offer a one off free 20 minute no obligation consultation for all prospective clients. This can be done face to face in Wetherby or via the telephone. SKYPE is not used for therapy and because the law differs country by country, I only treat clients in the UK, doesn’t matter if they are resident in another country providing therapy sessions are only carried out in the UK.

For coaching I offer a one of free consultation without obligation and it may be that several interactions are required before the coaching alliance begins. Coaching can be carried out face to face if local or via SKYPE or telephone. Please note I coach clients who are located anywhere in the World.

Please be aware with quality and integrity in mind that I will not take on a client if I don’t believe I can help them or that I am not the best person to be working with them.

I am happy to do talks and short workshops on any subjects within my area of my expertise.
Please follow my blog for inspiring and useful articles that may be of help or interest to you.
If there is a particular related subject that you would find helpful, please let me know and if I can oblige I will.

Here to listen and happy to just talk

Based in Wetherby West Yorkshire
Tel: 01937 583811

Mob: 07954 272837