“Thank you Sally for your delivery of the confidence workshop. Participants now have some tools to use away from the sessions such as positive self-talk, stress management and assertiveness techniques which I’m sure will be really useful.”

Helen Garvey, EPOSS, Boston Spa


“Coaching for me was a very positive experience, I had loads of passion but lacked the confidence to start my own business.  Taking the first step on your own can be very scary and I found I was making excuses for not following my dream. I found our brainstorming exercises great fun and extremely useful, it opened my eyes to the possibilities and my confidence and self-belief just grew and grew. Some sessions were quite challenging and did take me out of my comfort zone but Sally made me feel really well supported and we always worked at my pace.


“Sally’s genuine interest in me made our coaching sessions fun and my fear of taking the first step soon dissolved, it didn’t take long before I was getting great feedback which made me wish I had done it sooner. Now I have faith in my creativity and ability to be successful and I am far more confident in other areas of my life. “It is amazing what can be achieved by working with a professional who is totally objective, really listens to you and works with you to put structure around your goals.”

Angela McLarty, Scotland


“Working with Sally as my coach has been a lesson in clarity for me, her ability to allow me to go at my own pace, clear my mind and really explore what it is I want brought me to self-awareness very quickly, I may never have achieved this on my own. It provided me with the direction I needed to put some meaning around my life. 


“I feel naturally motivated towards getting the things I want and being in flow has opened my eyes as to how easy it is when you feel supported and with renewed confidence. I would recommend coaching to anyone even if you feel your life is perfect Sally can help you to progress and keep your mind open to new possibilities.”

Kate H, Harrogate



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